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Mission Statement

We want to make the world a better place.

We do so by designing objects that will make people smile, think or just wonder.

The Group

UMAMY Design Group was founded in order to implement new ideas and formulate unique approaches in design.
UMAMY designs and creates products in cooperation with local and international manufacturers and entrepreneurs.
Using humor, innovative thinking and creative brainstorming, UMAMY Design Group explores societies and habits and challenges original concepts, resulting in unique objects that hit a hidden cord in people's hearts.
Often, in the process of developing products, we find ourselves trapped within cultural frameworks that entrench our way of thought and inhibit us from perceiving and pursuing the innovative and the new. UMAMY Design Group focuses and explores these frameworks in order to dissolve them and pave the way to new creative spheres.
UMAMY exhibits annually since 2000 at the International Furniture Fair in Milan, Italy (Feria del Mobile) with great success and has gained widespread publicity in international design journals.
UMAMY sees great importance in participating in various design activities in Israel with the aim of influencing Israeli design.
UMAMY's current members are: Doron Oryan; Eran Apelbaum; Sarit Atzitz. All are graduates of the Holon Institute of Technology and some teach at the Bezalel Academy of art, and at other design colleges such as Mictec.

1999- 2004 the group included Yohanan siskindovitch.
1999-2001 the group included Sergio Mahler

2000-2001 the group included Maya Lev-Mahler


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Wallpaper Magazinesince it's first appearance in the Milan Furniture Fair at the year 2000, UMAMY has been receiving a lot of professional and media cover.

Umamy was chosen as part of the 10 most promising future designers by Wallpaper* Magazine and was on the cover of ID magazine.

UMAMY has also taken part in many group exhibitions such as "Dream Makers" at the Israel Museum of Art, and "Promise Design", an exhibition of Israeli design that was displayed in many major european capitals.

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